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11 June, 2019
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Beef tenderloing Stroganoff with basmati rice

beef tenderloin stroganoff

Don Quijote’s stroganoff is made exclusively with sirloin steak of the highest quality, cut into small strips to sauté immediately, which we finish with a tasty, soft stroganoff sauce, which gives its name to the dish. Here at Don Quijote Restaurant Marbella, we slightly vary the traditional recipe by adding liquid cream to it, instead of sour cream, which softens its flavor a bit. This is certainly a dish that will never disappoint you. Make your reservation now if you can’t wait to try it!

Stroganoff is said to be of russian origin. In fact, the current use of this name is a French adaptation of the Russian surname Stróganov. The most commonly accepted story about its origins tells us that the recipe was conceived in the 19th century by a chef who worked for Count Pável Aleksándrovich Stroganov, a famous Russian general. It seems he created it it during a cooking contest in Saint Petersburg.

After the fall of the Russian Empire, the recipe got popular and spreaded to the nearest country, China, where it became normal for stroganoff to be served in restaurants before the Second World War. The dish also arrived in the United States thanks to Russian and Chinese immigrants and generated its own variants that turned into another part of popular culture. Some of them became very famous during the 50s. The most common way to eat it was accompanying the meat with egg and rice.

Its popularity has also spread to other countries. In fact, it is common in Brazilian cuisine, where it is known as "estrogonofe". Even though, in certain areas of the country, sour cream is till used according to the original recipe, the more typically Brazilian stroganoff uses tomato sauce instead.

Beef Stroganoff made from tenderloin with basmati rice is arguably the tastiest of the permanently available dishes in our menu. Basmati rice is also one of the best and is used throughout the World as either a side to all kinds of Asian dishes, or even the very foundation of many of them, including curries and sauces in general. May we suggest you take a look at our menu to discover other asian-inspired recipes, or read more about our delicious Thai red curry.

Real Basmati rice originally comes from India and Pakistan, where it has been farmed for centuries. It is a very long grain, and that length is even increased when boiled. During cooking, the grains separate a little, but don’t get sticky when finished. Our white basmati rice is cooked at time intervals of no longer than 20 minutes in order to ensure its unique texture and aroma. If you wish to learn more about our dishes, or the ingredients we use, please contact us. We can also recommend vegetarian or gluten-free options.

Don Quijote Restaurante’s recipes offer you the perfect combination of tradition and innovation. All our dishes are created with the best ingredients and raw materials of the highest quality, meticulously chosen so that each bite reflects the good work of our chefs. The Don Quijote team is always at your disposal to guide you through our extensive wine list, which includes varied options up to the highest standards.

We are one of the best restaurants in Marbella thanks to the trust of our customers, who make us worthy of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence year after year. Please check the About us section to learn more.

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