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Prawns ravioli in champagne and caviar sauce

Raviolis de langostinos

Don Quijote offers you the most delicious Prawns ravioli in champagne and caviar sauce. A completely unique dish, probably the best valued among all our starters. A creation that began as a Chef’s special for New Year’s Eve dinner and stayed as a permanent starter in our menu, due to the great acceptance it had among customers.

Ravioli is a typical italian pasta, even though its origin is still debated today. There are quite diverse studies that seem to prove that, in fact, Marco Polo brought pasta from China when he returned from one of his trips, although other documents date its existence a century before that trip. We also do not know for sure if the ravioli's shape was among those that Marco Polo brought to Europe. If that was the case, it was what we know as Chinese ravioli, jiaozi or wonton. Interestingly, the latter refers to an "irregularly shaped" paste in northern China.

What does seem to be clear is that ravioli, and especially the way of preparing pasta, has spread throughout the world according to Italian style, as far as to become a part of popular culture in countries like Uruguay or Argentina, and even as part of the traditional cuisine of Nice, French Riviera and other nearby areas of Southeastern France.

Whatever the case may be, our ravioli are a fusion of French and Asian cuisine. Asian, for the use of the wonton paste with which they are made; French, for the sauce in which they are finished. This sauce of French origin is a classic beurre blanc made from shallots, white wine and of course butter, which gives a special softness to the mix.

Wonton, also spelled wantan, basically consists of a thin dough and a filling. It is commonly found across regional styles of Chinese cuisine and generally eaten with soup. The most common filling is pork, but there are also variants consisting of shrimp or fish. Here at Don Quijote Restaurante Marbella, we chose to fill our ravioli with top quality prawns, which ensure a tender, exquisite texture to it. It is such mix of flavours, when combined with our delicious sauce, that makes this dish so unique. You just can’t miss it, make your reservation now!

Among our highest rated creations you can also find our tasty Scallops risotto topped with crispy prawn flakes. But if you are in for eastern flavours, let yourself be surprised by our Bao with roasted pork, honey and soy, mint, cucumber and spicy Japanese mayonnaise. And if you’re willing to share, there is nothing quite like a good Beef carpaccio with basil oil, creams of parmesan and truffle and fresh herbs. We can also offer you vegetarian or gluten free choices. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Don Quijote means unforgettable dinners, excellent service and a gastronomic offer for all tastes, which has earned us TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence year after year. Featuring a big, cozy dining room and a magnificent terrace in a privileged environment, Don Quijote is one of the best restaurants in Marbella, and it’s the perfect choice for romantic dinners as well as business events. Please click About us to learn more. And remember you can find us on Facebook and Instagram!

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