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15 April, 2019
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Red curry thai style by Don Quijote

red curry

Don Quijote’s homemade red curry comes to you straight from Thailand. For its preparation, we use curry paste and enhance its flavour by adding more coriander, basil, ginger, and of course lemongrass (or citronella). When serving our curry, we give you the option to choose chicken or prawns, however we can also adapt to vegetarian or special diets. Please check About us to learn more.

One of our clients’ favourite main dishes, red curry Thai style with chicken or prawns, vegetables and rice is a classic from Asian cuisine. As part of our goal to make exotic flavours accessible for all audiences, we may slightly lower the spiciness by using an extra touch of coconut milk. If you wish to have more information about allergens or the ingredients we use, please contact us.

And if it’s food from the East what you’re after, we recommend you start your dinner by sharing our tempura prawns on a Thai salad of seasonal vegetables, orange, cashew nuts and maracuya vinaigrette, or a bao with roasted pork, honey and soy, mint, cucumber and spicy Japanese mayonnaise. Discover Don Quijote’s menu and let yourself be surprised by our new creations!

Red curry is very popular in Thailand. It combines the tastes and aromas of all the vegetables used to create the curry paste plus the softness of the coconut milk. Depending on which interpretation of the original recipe we are following, among its ingredients we can find kaffir lime dry leaves, mashed or minced garlic and onion, peanut oil, fish sauce, palm sugar and, of course, dry red chilli, which provides its colour and its well known spiciness. It is common to have it with rice, being one of the basics of Thai cuisine, as it is in many other eastern culinary traditions. Don’t leave without trying it, make your reservation now!

By the way, don’t you feel like learning some nutrition facts about curry? While calories may vary according to the amount of each of the aforementioned vegetables we use for its preparation, the mix of spices we call curry is generally rich in vitamins A, B, D, E and K, and helps our body counter the effects of free radicals, such as cell aging, all thanks to its high levels of minerals and antioxidants. Besides, it contains curcumine, which is said to have antibiotic properties and to prevent high blood pressure.

One of the health benefits of curry is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. It is also said to have anticarcinogenic and weight reducing properties. In fact, this combination of spices may be highly therapeutical: among its other benefits it is also the reduction of digestive problems. It can also wide our blood vessels and help fight bad cholesterol.

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